Say hello to Christian Wright, Champlain Abroad Dublin blogger Spring 2014.

My name is Christian Wright and I’m a film student looking forward to an incredible semester as Dublin Champlain’s Vlogger! Despite growing up in the relatively small town of Wethersfield, Connecticut I’ve done my fair share of adventuring.

Christian Wright - Champlain Abroad Dublin blogger Spring 2014

Christian Wright – Champlain Abroad Dublin blogger Spring 2014

However, as I have gotten older I have began to understand the importance of making it my own and since realized a study abroad opportunity was an excellent way to test the waters and build character. Not to mention, my family and  I had never even left the states! Lucky for me Champlain’s program made it happen. After a semester’s worth of planning and some much appreciated help from both Dublin and Champlain Admissions Staff I was able to book my flight and guarantee a spot in Dublin’s program. As a film student, I firmly believe studying here will give me a much more unique perspective and broader appreciation for the many different cultures that make up Dublin and Ireland as a whole. A lot of making films is understanding people.

I am particularly interested in Irish music culture. In one block I’ve heard pubs with every sort of music imaginable; punk, jazz, electronic, metal, rock and even classical instruments playing traditional tunes. As I have found, there is a lot more to Dublin than first meets the eye. I look forward to absorbing as much culture as I can on the school trips like the one to Northern Ireland, and more so on my own or with friends on day-trips throughout Ireland. I’ve recognized the incredible opportunity I have and look forward to sharing it with you this spring!

Christian J Wright
Champlain Abroad Dublin, Spring 2014
Champlain College, Communications and Creative Media /Digital Film 2015



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