Marketing internship in Dublin

As a marketing intern at HKM Media this past semester at Champlain Abroad Dublin, it was an experience that has given me insight into what it is like working at a magazine company. From huge projects like working on important spreadsheets for both Totally Dublin Magazine and a website called Lessmore, to phoning companies to gather information for these tasks, I was able to partake in the background work of this type of business. 
Allison Emple
Champlain Abroad Dublin
Intern with HKM Media
Photo: Joanna Hermanns
I was able to learn a lot about the companies I researched as well as the ones I called, which allowed me to gain knowledge about the culture in Dublin and other areas around Ireland. This knowledge even helped me while living here to take part in activities that my friends and I could visit and enjoy. I was put in the position to take on tasks that I had no idea where to begin with and ended up working hard and completed them successfully. This made my bosses very happy since they would be able to use this work even after my time there was over. It was a struggle at first getting used to the working style in Dublin as well as figuring out what brands would be more suited for this culture compared what I was used to back in the United States. 
It was also hard to manage all of this work on top of other classes while trying to explore Ireland and other areas of Europe. At some points, it was a little overwhelming, but I was able to stick it out and get everything done on time making both my employers and professors happy which felt great to me. Overall, it was definitely worth it to partake in an internship abroad since it was a great experience gaining important skills I can use in the future while adding it to my resume, making this a positive experience.

Allison Emple
Champlain Abroad Dublin Spring 2014
Champlain College, International Business and Marketing 2015