Hike to the Hell Fire Club

On the 12th of October, a group of Champlain students rolled out of bed early to take a Sunday stroll up into the Dublin Mountains. They followed the roads and pathways through the woods walked 200 years earlier by Dublin gentry to the infamous Hell fire Club, once a place of revelry and occult practice. The group of students were thankfully a little better behaved opting to picnic in the ruins overlooking the city and read aloud some of the many stories associated with the old stone building involving demon cats and card games with the devil.  Along the way, they wandered through the Massey Woods, once home to a grand estate and gardens, and befriending a horse at a local equestrian school. At the end of this glorious October afternoon, the students returned home a little tired from their 10 mile trek, and finally faced their pending midterm assignments.

Champlain Abroad Dublin: View of the City

View of Dublin from the Hell Fire Club: Champlain Abroad Dublin Students enjoy the view of the city

Massey Woods: Champlain Students

Massey Woods: Champlain Study Abroad Dublin

Hell Fire Club occupied by Champlain Dublin Students

The Hell Fire Club: The famous stone lodge occupied by Champlain Dublin Students