Karaoke, Cliffs, and a Little Museum

This weekend in Dublin my roommates and I decided to keep ourselves busy by going out to Karaoke, taking a day trip to Howth, and visiting the Little Museum of Dublin. We figured we should use our free time wisely before schoolwork starts to add up and have a little fun after our first week of classes.

On Thursday, there was a karaoke night that was suggested for Champlain students. While it wasn’t mandatory, many people showed up, and it ended up being a lot of fun. My roommate, Shannon and I decided to sing the karaoke to “I Love Rock n Roll.” Some of our other friends did great renditions of Backstreet Boys, the Spice Girls, and a few great classic rock songs. It was overall a great time and was nice to get out and enjoy a fun night of singing and dancing after a week full of new classes!

Early on Saturday morning, my friends and I boarded the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) to Howth, Ireland. We met a Dubliner on the train with a dog named Buster. He told us all about Howth and the best things to see and do while we were there. (We also spent a lot of our time playing with his adorable dog.)

Howth is a coastal town to the north of Dublin that is most well known for its seafood and beautiful views from the cliffs. We decided to explore Howth and walked on the pier, unfortunately, we didn’t realize how cold and windy it was and decided we had to buy some hats before we traveled any further. We walked into a local market that runs every Saturday and Sunday, it was full of great food, produce, hats, spices, jewelry, and more. We proceeded to buy some hand-knitted  hats to keep our heads warm on the hike we would later take. As we walked around some more, we noticed a cupcake stand. According to the medal on the table, these cupcakes had been awarded the best cupcakes in Ireland award in 2010. Of course we all had to buy some and test the greatness of these cupcakes. (Fun fact: I bought 6 cupcakes, and they were by far some of the greatest cupcakes I have ever tasted.)


Delicious cupcakes! Photo by Philip Gustenhoven

We asked the man selling cupcakes where the best place for lunch in Howth was and he suggested the Bloody Stream. At first, we thought the name was a bit frightening, but decided to try it out anyway. Good thing we did, because the seafood was out of this world. Shannon and I split a seafood platter that consisted of a variety of seafood including calamari, oysters, shrimp, and more. By the end, I had given up and Shannon fought to finish off the meal for me. (Kudos to her, there was a LOT of food)

Seafood platter for two at the Bloody Stream. Photo by Shannon Ryan

After our lovely lunch, we finally decided to hike up to the Howth Cliffs. The views were incredible and we took a few photos to prove it. After, we headed home, full of seafood and cupcakes and excited to wake up Sunday morning for our next adventure.

Apartment Photo! Photo by Stephanie Hackett

This Sunday, we visited the Little Museum of Dublin, which is located right alongside St. Stephen’s Green. (A great park to visit in Dublin) The Little Museum of Dublin offers the fascinating historical background of Ireland in the 20th century. Each room is full of knick-knacks, paintings, newspaper articles, all of which were originally donated to the museum. Our tour guide not only explained Ireland’s history through these artifacts, but also managed to crack a few jokes along the way.

After the tour ended, the guide directed us to the upper level of the museum where there was a room fully dedicated to the band U2. (If you’re a U2 fan, I would suggest checking it out.) I’ve always known and listened to U2, but never paid any attention to where they were from. It was really cool to see the history of the band and how far they have come since their formation. The Little Museum overall is one of my favorite museums I have visited, not only is it full of really interesting pieces of Irish history, but it’s a quick tour full of important information for anyone looking to get some insight into Ireland’s history in the 20th century.

A quick peek into the U2 room. Photo by The Little Museum of Dublin


After our first week of classes, it was nice to get out and experience Dublin a little bit. We had a well rounded weekend of singing, hiking, and touring the city, and I feel that with each week I’m getting a little closer to knowing Dublin like the back of my hand!

Until next time!

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Karisa Desjardins
Champlain Abroad Dublin, Spring 2015
Champlain College Business Administration major, Global Studies minor
Class of 2016