Tony’s Tunes: Favourite Irish Songs – Summer Edition

Welcome to the third edition of Tony’s Tunes! It’s already the end of July and I hope you are able to enjoy the summer so far. I would love to introduce some of my all time favourite Irish songs to you. This changes in my mind weekly but right now these are some of my top Irish Tunes which are also uplifting and energetic which is just what the world needs right now. 
So stay safe, turn up the volume and listen to some classic Irish songs! Here’s the First Edition and Second Edition of Tony’s Tunes if you’re looking to dive deeper into the Irish music scene.

Tony Langan is from Dromiskin, County Louth, about 40 miles north of Dublin. He has been involved in the study abroad world for the past 7 years, joining Champlain Abroad Dublin for the Spring 2018 semester as the Student Life Manager. Tony enjoys a good live gig, a nice pint of Guinness and showing people the hidden sights and sounds of Dublin!

1. Christy Moore – Lisdoonvarna

This great song celebrates the old music festival which happened in the small village of Lisdoonvarna (very close to where we stay on Champlain Abroad Dublin’s legendary West of Ireland trip). This festival happened every summer and was a celebration of great music from Ireland and abroad. One listen to this and you will forget anything else is going on!

2. The Frames – Rent Day Blues

The Frames are a very well known and respected Irish band led by singer Glen Hansard (Once, The Swell Season) I have been known to request this particular song at the silent disco in Whelans one too many times. 

3. Mundy – July

For me this song represents the start of summer and perfectly paints a picture of those long Irish summer evenings where everybody is relaxed, doing nothing but doing it together – perfect!

4. U2 – Beautiful Day – Live from the BBC

If you need some inspiring Irish music then U2 are definitely the band for you. This is another one of their anthems with this version in particular being accompanied by an Orchestra which gives it a lovely sound. 

5. The Waterboys – Fisherman’s Blues

This is my go-to song if I need some energy and probably one of my most played and favourite songs of all times. There is no need to explain it more, just have a listen!

6. Van Morrison – Gloria (live at the Hollywood Bowl)

If you thought Irish music was all fiddles and tin whistles then you need to listen to Van. This could be taken straight from the Mississippi Delta but instead if was made just up the road in Belfast. This version from the Hollywood Bowl is particularly bluesy!

7. Damien Dempsey – Sing All Our Care

Could there be a more appropriate song? Sing some Irish songs, stay safe and enjoy the rest of the summer!

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