Tony’s Tunes: Favourite Irish Songs – Fall Edition

It’s the end of summer which means darker days, colder nights and being more snug in general. For me the Autumn/Fall season means sitting inside, lots of tea, reflection, warm fires and going outside only to stand beside something warm!

The changing of the seasons slows everything down from the long warm summer days and bright nights. This music is slow too. Here inn my latest Tony’s Tunes collection, I have focused on acoustic folk songs from Irish artists that are slow, relaxed and make for some easy listening. Each of these musicians have a wealth of other songs which I urge you to delve into. Enjoy!

Tony Langan is from Dromiskin, County Louth, about 40 miles north of Dublin. He has been involved in the study abroad world for the past 7 years, joining Champlain Abroad Dublin for the Spring 2018 semester as the Student Life Manager. Tony enjoys a good live gig, a nice pint of Guinness and showing people the hidden sights and sounds of Dublin!

1. Glen Hansard – My Brother’s Keeper

I wasn’t going to add another Glen Hansard song as I have done so many already…however, the first line in this song is ‘1st of October, the Summer’s over…the leaves are falling, all around my door’ and as it is October 1st as I am writing this it would be a sin to leave it out. Please watch the video for a sense of Autumn in Ireland.

2. Rosie Carney – Thousand (feat Lisa Hannigan)

Rosie Carney is a London singer songwriter who is originally from Donegal. This is a beautiful relaxing song which also includes the amazing Lisa Hannigan (see more from her below) 

3. Lisa Hannigan (feat Loah – Undertow)

This song was an obvious choice. Lisa Hannigan is an icon in the singer/songwriter world here in Ireland and this collaboration with Loah during lockdown was organised by the amazing Other Voices team. It is worth watching just to catch a glimpse into an empty National Gallery of Ireland.

4. Hozier – Shrike

During lockdown, the long-running TV program The Late Late show hosted an Irish artist every week to play a few special acoustic songs for the nation (from a distance). This was one of my favourite performances from the well known Hozier. 

5. Luke Kelly – Raglan Road

”On Raglan Road of an Autumn Day” This song is simply a classic and should be well known and loved by Champlain Abroad Dublin alumni.

Sit back, relax and enjoy. Happy Fall!

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