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Meet Ireland through Sports, Culture & Comedy

BY Ciarán O’rourke – Head resident & activities coordinator

To say the Champlain Abroad Dublin Fall 2016 students have been busy would be a complete understatement. They are somehow balancing classes, assignments, and field-trips, with weekends trips across Europe, while engaging in a range of activities in Dublin and throughout Ireland. Already this semester they’ve experienced strange new sports, toured the rugged west coast, and enjoyed nights of karaoke, culture, and comedy, and the best part is they’re still only getting started.

Here are some of the highlights so far:

The Great Champlain Dublin Scavenger Hunt

Although it seems quite a while back now, we still have to mention the traditional scavenger hunt taking place during our student orientation every semester. The Fall 2016 group didn’t disapoint us, and dove into the city and met people with charm and excitement collecting points with their new study abroad buddies.

The Great Champlain Dublin Scavenger Hunt The Great Champlain Dublin Scavenger Hunt The Great Champlain Dublin Scavenger Hunt The Great Champlain Dublin Scavenger HuntThe Great Champlain Dublin Scavenger Hunt

Experience Gaelic Games

With two students interning with Experience Gaelic Games this semesters, Champlain Dublin’s visit was more homely than ever, in the local community, sports and culture center. Our interns demonstrated their newly learned knowledge of the native Irish sports of Gaelic Football and Hurling, alongside the local Irish player-coaches, teaching the other Champlain Dublin students the rules and skills before taking to the field and playing a match.

All-Ireland Gaelic Football Final

Students learned the games just in time for the following day’s biggest game of the year in the Irish sporting calendar, the All-Ireland Football Final. The country shuts down and the pubs swelled for the afternoon, as all eyes in the nation were fixed to a screen. Our students got behind their adopted home team cheering side by side with the local Dubliners, but as the final whistle blew at the end of overtime both teams had drawn level on points, our students were left feeling more than a little confused. Unlike anything they were accustomed to in the U.S., they learned that they had experienced a rare occurrence in Gaelic Football and the game would have to be replayed all over again in two weeks later. Thankfully their wait was rewarded on October 1st as Dublin were crowned the All-Ireland winners in the end, and by the end of the replay, they had become experts in the rules over the two game, well almost. Continue reading

Our Day in the Dail: Visiting Irish Parliment

It was truly a reason to give thanks this past Thanksgiving as a group of Champlain Study Abroad Dublin students were treated to a private tour of inside Ireland’s parliament and senate buildings. These lucky budding historians were given a special behind the scenes tour of Leinster House which few local Dubliners or Irish citizens […]

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Our 'Wee' Two Day Tour of North Ireland

From the historical building site of the Titanic to current Game of Thrones sets, with its beautiful rugged coastline and its turbulent modern history, Northern Ireland has so much to see and do. Champlain Study Abroad Dublin students were busy taking in the sights and embarrassing the culture on their two day excursion to Belfast and […]

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The Home of Halloween

On the week before Fall break, students got ghoulishly greedy for candy and all things superstitious and spooky in the build up to Oiche Samhain (Gaelic for Halloween). Spirits were raised as the Academic Center was transformed by the students in a devilish layer overcome by swarms of bats, cobwebbed corners, and hellish creatures. Pumpkins […]

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Halloween at Champlain Dublin

 Happy Halloween at Champlain Dublin Believe it or not! Halloween has its roots in Ireland, embedded in the pagan Gaelic festival of Samhain which marked the end of the seasonal Harvest. So it is no surprise that Halloween in the Ireland is something special which Champlain study abroad students will experience before they relax for […]

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