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A Weekend Trip to Northern Ireland

Champlain Abroad Dublin recently took a weekend trip to Northern Ireland for some unforgettable adventures. Friday was an early start, at 8 in the morning, but though everyone was a little tired, they were also excited to hit the road and head up north!

Our first stop was in the city of Belfast for a Political Black Taxi Tour of the city. Ciarán O’Rourke’s Northern Irish History class already had a background on the Troubles in Northern Ireland and I personally knew a little bit about the history of these events, but the Taxi Tours gave us such a new perspective. It’s one thing to hear about the Troubles in class, but it’s quite another thing to actually be in Northern Ireland and experience the area. It amazes me that 15 years ago, we wouldn’t even have gotten the opportunity to take this trip at all because of the conditions in Northern Ireland.

The taxi drivers told us a lot about the area and the history surrounding the Troubles. Some of the most interesting things that they showed us were the various murals honoring those who died in the Troubles located all around Belfast on the sides of houses. Here are just some of the many examples of art:
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Ballintoy Harbour

A couple of weeks ago, the Champlain Abroad Dublin group went on a program sponsored tour to Northern Ireland. The group stayed in the small village of Ballintoy on the Antrim coast. This is student Lara Bessette’s (Professional Writing ’15) way of describing her time there: I thought of “Ballintoy Harbour” as I climbed around […]

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Making Memories in the North

For the last 2 days I, along with the majority of our Champlain Abroad Dublin group, was able to spend time on a program sponsored tour to Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom despite being on the island of Ireland and containing much of the same history. Northern Ireland has […]

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