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Visit to the Little Museum of Dublin provides a visual journey of the city

By Rachael Elmy, ’19 // Professional Writing, Champlain College

A trip outside the classroom is always exciting, especially in a city like Dublin! Nicole Rourke’s 9.00am Writing in the City class is no stranger to these little trips. Many of us had just gotten back from Spring Break and were in no mood to sit down and listen to a lecture. We still wanted to get up and explore, and of course, Writing in the City let us do that. Even though it wasn’t a huge outing, it was still pretty cool.

We took a trip to the Little Museum of Dublin, about a ten minute walk from Champlain Abroad’s Academic Center through St. Stephen’s Green. The museum certainly was little. It used to be a Georgian house, but now, it is filled with artifacts donated by the people of Dublin. These artifacts included items from the 1916 Rising to U2 memorabilia. 

Champlain College students in the ‘Writing the City’ class visiting the Little Museum of Dublin.

Champlain College student Artemis Walsh, Professional Writing ’19, exploring The Little Museum of Dublin.

The great thing was, I could touch almost all of this, especially in the self-guided part of the tour. I’m one of those people who will touch things even if there is a big fat sign saying I shouldn’t. I loved the fact that I could sit in a big spherical chair inside the U2 room or play with an old typewriter in a mock journalism office. You could even sit at a small student’s desk and color if you wanted.

The first part of the tour had a guide, and you did the second part on your own (this would be the part with the big spherical chair and coloring). When we arrived, we wandered through this room full of some of the wildest fashion I had ever seen, all created by Irish designers. Some of us played a game of who would wear what (apparently, I would wear a skirt with pink and green patching) and others just read about the designers on the walls. I personally appreciated this part because I love fashion and I wondered why fashion history overlooked these designers. They were so talented!

Champlain College students in the ‘Writing the City’ class visiting the Little Museum of Dublin.

After admiring the clothes, our tour began. The guide took us on a visual journey of Dublin through the decades, from around the early 1900s until now. It didn’t feel like a lecture or a history lesson. He was telling us about the saga of Dublin. Even the self-guided parts presented side stories in the overall epic that is Ireland. Dublin is basically on this one continuous journey that started all the way back in 1916, and its story isn’t finished yet. In many ways, Ireland is a lot like the United States. We both had a fairly recent independence, we both have what we consider Founding Fathers and Mothers, and we are both proud of our national identities, down to the littlest detail.



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Our Day in the Dail: Visiting Irish Parliment

It was truly a reason to give thanks this past Thanksgiving as a group of Champlain Study Abroad Dublin students were treated to a private tour of inside Ireland’s parliament and senate buildings. These lucky budding historians were given a special behind the scenes tour of Leinster House which few local Dubliners or Irish citizens […]

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Our 'Wee' Two Day Tour of North Ireland

From the historical building site of the Titanic to current Game of Thrones sets, with its beautiful rugged coastline and its turbulent modern history, Northern Ireland has so much to see and do. Champlain Study Abroad Dublin students were busy taking in the sights and embarrassing the culture on their two day excursion to Belfast and […]

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Visit to the Irish Congress Trade Union

Recently, Champlain Abroad Dublin’s Conflict Management (COM 315) class went to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions building. The visit to the Congress Trade Union highlighted the significance of industrial conflict all over the world. As students, I thought that this topic of industrial conflict was particularly relevant. After arriving at the Irish Congress of […]

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Fleeing Hope: Ireland's Role in the United Nations' Mission to Help Refugees

In class today we had the extraordinary opportunity to be in the presence of an employee of The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).  UNHCR was established in December, 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly.  The mission of the organization is to direct and coordinate actions on an international level […]

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Keeping the Peace, Starting in Ireland

During his visit to our Conflict Management class at Champlain Abroad Dublin, Lieutenant Philip O’Leary said, “peacekeeping is not a soldier’s role, but a soldier is the only one who can do it.” He and Captain Dan Sheeran of the UN explained the irony that even the task of keeping and enforcing peace in foreign […]

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Loughcrew and Hill of Tara Field Trip

Throughout the Champlain Abroad Dublin’s Early Irish history course, we have been learning about the cultures and development of prehistoric Ireland, making our way towards medieval times. The first half of the semester focused on the Paleolithic, Megalithic, and Neolithic times of ancient history. The Paleolithic or “Old Stone Age” started approximately 9,000 years ago […]

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Belfast Reflection

Throughout the beginning of the course, we have looked at the conflict that has taken place in Northern Ireland, starting with the English occupation of the whole country all the way into the Troubles and beyond. While learning about the Troubles in the classroom was interesting, it wasn’t until we went to Belfast that I […]

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A Vicious Conflict through the Lens of Fine Art

In the International Relations course offered here at Champlain Abroad Dublin, we study several different themes including the relationships among countries, the role of sovereign states, and the influence of organizations and corporations on global policy. Our professor Seamus White draws numerous materials from fields ranging from economics, international law, cultural studies and many others. […]

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