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Go out and eat the world

Before I made my way across the pond, Netflix and I were attached at the hip. Seriously. I snuggled up next to my laptop after work and watched shows into the wee hours of the morning. If we’re being honest, Netflix and I still make time for each other- somewhere nestled between classes, making dinner and going to Champlain Abroad Dublin events.

Like many students, Orange is the New Black is at the top of my ‘Recently Watched’ list and there’s one episode in particular that still sticks in my mind. Without getting into too much detail, the show’s main character, Piper, reminisces on a phrase her grandmother used to say to her growing up.

“Go out and eat the world, Piper”

I think I may have taken this ideal quite literally.

Mocha and scone from Foam Cafe. Coffee is definitely a weakness!

Mocha and scone from Foam Cafe. Coffee is definitely a weakness!

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Taste of Dublin – Not Just Your Average Meat and Potatoes

BY Casey Reagan, marketing’15, CHAMPLAIN COLLEGE

When you think of Irish food, two things naturally come to mind: meat and potatoes. Up until this past weekend, I was perfectly content with everything I had eaten. The restaurants our school brought us to were delicious, there was an Eddie Rockets down the street for our late night burger/milkshake fix, and a kebab place conveniently located a block away from our living quarters. This past weekend, my roommate and I decided to go on a Food Trail of Dublin. Now I have been completely spoiled and may never taste food the same here again.

Lolly and Cooks in George Street Market DublinThe Food

The Cheese.
 Sheridan’s is a small spot located pretty close to our
academic building. They make all sorts of cheese and help out in the local community. The farmers they get their dairy from are people they personally know. They gave us two different kinds, but the soft cheese was a great start to the tour. The Ardrahan Farmhouse cheese is definitely something I will go back for. Not too sweet or strong, and delightful enough to satisfy. Continue reading