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Kohle Feely ’21 // Business Administration; Entrepreneurship

While studying with Champlain Abroad in Dublin, I interned with Unify Ordering. Unify connects restaurants and other food services with suppliers through both their app and website. They digitalise suppliers’ product list with item details, in order to avoid the confusion and incorrect order quantities that have often occurred within the food industry.

As an Irish startup, they have a small team. Therefore, during my time there, only three or four of us would be in the office together. Day to day, I helped out with many operational tasks: managing product lists, customer support, and making sure account information was correct on the company’s back end. 

A long term project I worked on was completely rewriting the help articles to reflect updates and changes to the platform. Thanks to the different accounting and financial classes I’ve taken at Champlain, my Excel skills are pretty on par and I ended up the de facto office expert whenever there was a spreadsheet involved!

Although we had to head home to the United States earlier than expected due to the coronavirus, my internship site was sad to see me go and enthusiastic about continuing my work remotely. The transition to working 3,000 miles away back home wasn’t too difficult since most of the work I had been doing was online and independently-based.

The transition to working remotely (in combination with being in a different time zone) was definitely a challenge. However, I have developed better organizational and time management skills when I am responsible for different tasks happening at once. Unify is growing rapidly and is always being updated with new features, so making sure to communicate with the team often was also very important.

One of the key aspects of interning remotely for Unify was staying up to date with conversations in Slack. Additionally, I had weekly calls with my supervisor in order to stay updated on the team and go over new tasks. Unify uses a project management software called Jira, which keeps projects organized and keeps track of everything they are doing— especially helpful while working remotely with a time difference.

One of the biggest cultural differences I experienced during my internship abroad was Ireland’s high-context culture. Compared to America’s low-context culture, the way Irish people communicate in both professional and social settings is heavily tied to their history. Communication is less direct and the way something is said carries more weight than the message itself. While this often meant that directions at my internship felt a bit ambiguous, Irish people place a larger emphasis on getting to know each other and developing relationships with coworkers than American workplaces. I personally think it’s a great aspect of Irish culture, and definitely helps to build stronger teams.

I had a great time interning with Unify Ordering and enjoyed experiencing both the Irish work culture and being in an entrepreneurial setting. Seeing a small company being built from the ground up—from app development to seeking investors—was an invaluable experience and it fit perfectly with both my major and minor.

Working in a different culture helps with developing a wider mindset, better communication skills, and cultural intelligence to work effectively with people from all backgrounds. Especially as businesses become increasingly global and more work is done virtually, international work experience is a priceless addition to your resume. 

I highly recommend that any student studying abroad considers an internship. Besides being a great work experience for your resume, living and working in a new place gives you a better idea of what it’s really like to live there day to day as a local. Plus, you’ll make international friends and network connections that can open up so many doors to new opportunities in the future. I miss going into the Unify office every week, and can’t wait to go back and visit.

Champlain Cyber Security Students volunteered at the Zero Day Con in Dublin

3 study abroad students from Champlain College’s Computer Networking and Cyber security program spent a full Tuesday in early March as volunteers at the Zero Day Conference held at the Dublin Convention Centre. The conference aimed at giving giving strategic guidance on the opportunities and challenges facing CIOs, CISOs and senior IT executives today. Zero Day featured keynote speakers and panels offering unique insights on cybersecurity, blockchain technology, IoT security, EU GDPR and cognitive computing. The Irish organisers from cyber security firm SmartTech were very happy with our students on the day.

Zero Day Con Dublin

From Left to Right, Parker Desborough, Emily Shelton and Christopher Pickett. Champlain Cyber Security students volunteering at the Zero Day Conference in Dublin, March 2017.


Please see below comments from the three students.

The Zero Day Conference was a fantastic chance to see what well known computer security companies think the future will be like. The conference showed that increased automation does not have to be a bad thing for employees, a viewpoint sorely needed as artificial intelligence becomes more of a reality.” – Parker Desborough’18

It was really rewarding to be a part of Dublin’s first security conference and experience the industry from a business perspective. These kinds of opportunities are invaluable to students for networking and I really appreciated getting to participate in this event!” – Emily Shelton’18

 “Zero Day Con was a top-notch experience. The ‘who’s who’ of technology companies in Ireland were in attendance, and the organizers were very happy to welcome Champlain students as volunteers. A quote from one of the panelists has been in my head ever since: “It will cost you to implement good security practices, but it will eventually cost you more if you don’t.”  – Christopher Picket’18

You should also check out this blog post about our students volunteering at the European Cyber Threat Summit last year.


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Champlain Students Share their Dublin Internship Experiences


There are many reasons to study abroad. At almost every turn it’s hard to find a downside. One of the most engaging opportunities offered to Champlain Abroad students is the range of international internship experiences.

8 Dublin students took advantage of this chance during the Spring 2016 semester, and the application process is part of your regular study abroad application. You need to work together with Champlain Abroad staff and be able to provide them with an updated resume as well as taking part in pre-interviews with the Dublin staff. Some students may even need to meet a potential host over Skype pre-arrival. Champlain staff will seek out suitable host organisations and companies on your behalf.

Champlain Abroad Dublin - Internship class Fall 2016

Champlain Abroad Dublin – Internship class Fall 2016. From Left: Laura Anderson, Jeffrey Zeleny, Bianca Roa, Jeremy Partyka, David Fiddler, Tyler Bedard, Meghan Neely, Justin Covey.

Take it from me, though, you need to be fairly proactive and focused when it comes to helping the Burlington and Dublin staff. I would have had an internship as well, had I not failed to see a few crucial emails over the summer. As long as you pay attention and make regular check-ins, the process will go smoothly.

Having said that, I am going to highlight the particular internships of some of my Champlain Dublin compatriots, Bianca Roa and Laura Anderson. Continue reading