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Irish Vernacular

My semester with Champlain Abroad Dublin is rapidly coming to an end. It has gone by way too fast and I’ve had such a fantastic experience. I have learned so much and being in Ireland has allowed me to see amazing things, both on the island and in the whole of Europe. I’ve been so lucky.

One thing I’m also very happy about is a set of souvenirs that I’ve picked along the way during my time here. Even better, these things aren’t something to try to fit into my already-full suitcase! Over the course of my semester abroad, there are a few select Irish words and phrases that my friends and I will definitely be adding to our vocabulary.


Finals Work to Do

I’ve got so much fecking work to do for finals.

This one is really interesting. It bears a similar usage to a similarly spelled curse word, yet does not share the strong negative connotation. In fact, it’s a fairly neutral/mild word. One professor even told me it’s the kind of word his sister uses in front of her young children.

Having a socially appropriate way to add emphasis to a word or sentence, in the way people often do with feck’s counterpart, is not only fascinating, it’s also fairly handy. Maybe not for everyday use, but feck will definitely be kept in my repertoire of Irish words to use in the future. Continue reading

Champlain College Dublin Welcomes Champlain Valley Union High Students

Students from two Burlington educational institutions met up on Thursday and Friday, 22-23 April.  Not in Burlington, but in Dublin, Ireland.  Sixteen students and two teachers from Champlain Valley Union High School were hosted by Champlain College students studying abroad at Champlain’s Dublin campus.

The CVU students are taking a course on International Business that includes 11 days in Ireland, where they have been exposed to the rich history and culture of Ireland, as well as the stunning landscapes of the Emerald Isle.  A goal of the course was to expose the students to a Vermont-based organization that has expanded abroad.  Course instructor Tamie-Jo Dickinson said that ’Champlain College fit that criteria nicely, and their willingness to collaborate with CVU helped ensure the students had impactful cultural and business exposure on the trip’.

CVU students visiting Champlain Abroad Dublin Spring 2015

CVU students visiting Champlain College Dublin’s Academic Centre Spring 2015

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It Takes One to start a movement…or four dedicated young women.

If you would have asked me three weeks ago to start a campaign to empower women, I probably would have looked at you like you were crazy and said “I mean I’ll make a twitter page, but I doubt anything will happen.” Three week later, I found out just how wrong I was. For my Social & Not-for-profit Marketing class (MKT 340) , we were told by our teacher Lucy Masterson to get into a group, pick a topic, and “do something with it” When my group got our topic, which was “empowering women to have the confidence in the work place,” we all just sort of looked at each other. How in the world were we supposed to do that?! Here we were, four college girls, sitting in a class room in Champlain College’s Academic Centre in Dublin. Not a clue how we were supposed to instill confidence in women in the work place.

Liza Fowler, Rachel Hatem, Karisa Desjardins and Page Hallock - Champlain College students and founders of the Women's Empowerment Movement It Takes One.

Liza Fowler, Rachel Hatem, Karisa Desjardins and Page Hallock – Champlain College students and founders of the Women’s Empowerment Movement It Takes One. Photo Credit: Lilly Johnsson

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A letter to myself four months ago

Why are you packing four jackets? Also, the amount of shoes is a tad excessive. As you pack frantically at the last minute, and your heart is racing, sit down and take a deep breath. You don’t know this yet, but this is going to be the best four months of your life.
Things you don’t know:
-You’ll walk about 30 minutes to get to school. At first this will be kind of annoying, but eventually will become some of the most valuable minutes of your day. It will be the time to declutter and re-organize your brain.

Liza Fowler - Champlain College International Business'15 -Study abroad student in Dublin with Champlain Abroad Spring'15 - Photo credit: Joe Frank

Liza Fowler – Champlain College International Business’15 -Study abroad student in Dublin with Champlain Abroad Spring’15 – Photo credit: Joe Frank

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What it’s like to bid Dublin farewell

Only a few short month ago, you probably arrived in Dublin with a mind full of possibilities—a vision of what the upcoming semester with Champlain Abroad would be like. Now all of that has transformed itself into fond memories, most of them probably far from what you pictured.

By now you know the history of the streets you walk and the landmarks you pass on a daily basis. You have a favorite pub, and a least favorite intersection. You probably notice small changes, like a new billboard or bit of graffiti on your walk to school. You’ve picked up on subtle differences in language the Irish use. You give the tourists directions. The Dublin buses still completely baffle you, but it’s alright because you’ve found all of the best shortcuts to get where you need on foot.

By now you’ve visited some of the city’s best hidden gems.


The Gardens of Remembrance

The Gardens of Remembrance

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Champlain joins the hunt for Leprechauns!

On March 29th, Champlain Abroad Dublin students hiked over the Cooley Mountains and down into the medieval village of Carlingford.  Departing early that morning, they were joined by international students from from the neighboring English Language School Linguavia to travel north to the border with Northern Ireland. But they had not risen early on a Sunday to climb the misty mountains famed as the setting of Ireland’s most famous mythical story An Tain, nor were they there to explore the relatively untouched medieval village’s abbey and castle, no they were under taking the serious business of leprechaun hunting.

Rachel Hatem and Marissa Laro – Two of the Champlain College students taking part in the annual Leprechaun hunt in Carlingford, Co. Louth, Ireland.  Photo Credit: Rachel Hatem

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Inaugural Inter-College Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

On a sunny evening in Dublin, the inaugural Inter-College Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt was launched in St. Stephen’s Green in the heart of the city. Teams of study abroad students from Champlain College and Duquesne University raced through the streets following clues to find the famous monuments scattered throughout the old Georgian section of the city.

Inaugural Inter-College Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt hosted by Champlain Abroad Dublin

Participants of the Inaugural Inter-College Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt hosted by Champlain Abroad Dublin

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Wine and Poetry

THE POPULAR OPINION AMONG MOST COLLEGE STUDENTS is that poetry is dead. However, in the cozy basement of Champlain Dublin, we experienced how truly alive poetry is. Our small group of ten or so students huddled together with our short glasses of wine and welcomed guests of honor, award winning contemporary poet Stephen James Smith and renowned musician Enda Reilly. The pair performed pieces both solo and together, blending spoken word poetry with music. For many, it was the first time we had heard a poet recite something while someone sings in tandem and the performance was seamless; Smith’s steady and solid performance of spoken word combined with Reilly’s artful renditions of both classic and original songs was truly a magical experience.

Wine and Poetry hosted by Champlain Abroad Dublin

Wine and Poetry event by Champlain Abroad Dublin

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Faculty Profile: Ian Oliver

This is Ian Oliver’s first semester teaching at Champlain College Dublin. He is in charge of the first installment of a new local course version discussed by blogger Ben Pitt a few weeks ago called Creative Dublin and running under ART 380: ADVANCED ART HISTORY.

Ian Oliver - Adjunct Faculty at Champlain Abroad Dublin

Ian Oliver – Adjunct Faculty at Champlain Abroad Dublin

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Being in Belgium: Tips of the Travel

Last month I took a trip out of Ireland and all the way to Belgium.  My friends and I had no plans or itinerary for when we arrived in Brussels Belgium.  We just wanted to explore and find our own way, and thats exactly what we did.  When we arrived at our hostel the first thing we did was ask “Where can we get waffles?!”, lets be honest that’s why anyone goes to Brussels right? So let me tell you what I did, what I recommend and what I don’t.

Exploring Brussels. Photo credit: Allie Hanson

Exploring Brussels. Photo credit: Allie Hanson

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